This page shows only a small part of the possible realizations

OMEGA 40:1 with double fluid section for the injection of 2 component resins with 1:1 fixed mixing ratio, for consolidation of foundations and walls

Application device for two-component products with mixing ratio 1:1, equipped with GHIBLI 10:1 pumps, automatic flow regulators and pre-heaters

Application device for two-component products with mixing ratio 1:1, equipped with GHIBLI 10:1 pumps, and automatic flow regulators

extrusion plant for 2-component sealants with GHIBLI 24:1 extrusion pump and GHIBLI 15:1 with double fluid section for fixed mixing ratio 1:1

MultiColour Change controls up to 4 colours and 4 hardeners with quick changes and programmable self-cleaning cycles.

The programming of the recepies and cycles is easy and immediate. All current parameters are shown on a wide touch screen.

The connection of Multi Colour Change and LARIUS Mix 2K unit results in a complete, versatile and efficient work station.

LARIUS MIX 2K, Multi Colour Change and MINIMIX can meet all requirements of the use of two-component products

Complete feeding system for two-component electrostatic paint unit

Particular view of BOX MASTER for the control of STAR 2001 electrostatic guns

MIX 2K mixing and dispensing unit for two-component paints

frame-mounted GHIBLI pumps as feed units of A and B components equipped with pre-heaters and OMEGA cleaning pump

stainless steel tanks for A and B components with pneumatic mixer and level sensor

particular view of two-component LARIUS MIX 2K mixing and dispensing system

working scheme for two-component painting with 4 automatic colour-change stations and 5 colours

examples of working schemes of LARIUS MINIMIX 2K

examples of working schemes and features of LARIUS MIX 2K

LARIUS MIX 2K is an advanced unit that can be used for any kind of manual or robotized work

multiple work stations and application points can be fed and controled by the same device

LARIUS two-component systems can be connected to the automatic colour-change unit

NOVA MIX 2K unit is especially suitable for heavy duty jobs with high-viscosity and high-specific-weight products


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